What is TransferBigFiles.com?

TransferBigFiles is one of the simplest software to send and receive larger size files. It enables the users to share bigger files with anybody that are generally too big to email attachments.

The software makes the task possible by letting you upload your files to its servers and then generating a link to the uploaded file. Then you can share the generated link to the recipient to access the file.

TransferBigFiles offers 20 Gigabytes capacity of file sharing, whereas maximum email systems max out the capacity at 10 to 25 MB.    

How to get started with TransferBigfile?

If you want to use the platform service for free, you will not require to sign up for an account — you can directly start using the software by visiting their official website.

A user account is only required when you want to subscribe to their paid packages to get extra advantages of the additional features such as the private dropbox, file transfer history, bigger size capacity, increased download limit, storage room, and much more.

Using the TransferBigFiles for free you get a time limit of 5 days to keep your file uploaded to its platform, while the premium subscription account ends the time restriction — with a premium account, you can keep your files uploaded as long as you wish to. 

Like its competitors in the market, TransferBigFiles does not limit the file-sharing in numbers, even using the platform for free you have the access to send unlimited files but with limited features.

Thereupon the expiration of the uploaded files time-period in the free subscription, they are noted for omission from TransferBigFiles.com servers. After deletion immediately those files will be no longer accessible.

The software does not retain backups of any transferred files as it is not designed to perform so. They clearly state in the privacy policy, that they do not maintain any backups of any files that are shared through their platform. All expired and reported files are eliminated instantly without syncing. It is not a good idea to utilize TransferBigFiles.com for backup purposes.